Audit Assistance

With Protection Plus

My office now offers Audit Assistance Protection from Protection Plus. Protection Plus Audit Assistance provides professional case resolution managers who are available to assist taxpayers and tax professionals all year long. Protection Plus also provides Identity Theft Protection. 

Receive one full year of 

membership for all the services for only







Now you can file your taxes with no upfront money.

There is  a flat fee of $39.95 bank setup fee on federal

returns is paid directly from their refund. 

•   Clients can choose to receive their

refunds in the way that works best for them:

•   Check

•   Direct deposit

• Wal-Mart Money Card-receive $10.00

bonus cash for using Wal-mart Money Card.



Audit Assistance

Deliver more peace of mind for  my clients.

 Giving my clients the option to add audit support plus ID theft restoration without any upfront, out-of-pocket costs. There is no cost to you, the client, who chooses the service receive one full year of membership for $44.95, which can be deducted from their refund using Pay-by-Refund.

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